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Alt, Jörg: Catholic Social Teaching and taxation – Guidelines towards a socially more just and ecologically more sustainable world. In: Journal on Financing for Development, Vol. 1 No. 1, ISSN 2664-1968, pp. 47-69

Draft Papers – Lectures

The following draft papers attempt some more comprehensive overview:

  • Lecture (and PPTSlides) delivered at Amsterdam University on 21 March 2019 countering Peter Sloterdijks suggestion to replace taxation by voluntary contrubutions, as outlined in his book "Die nehmende Seite und die gebende Hand"
  • The paper Context Argument (Draft Paper) discusses whether markets or states/democracies are best for creating and distributing wealth and what criteria are needed to determine the balance between those can be determined.
  • Categories and Dimensions of Justice (Draft paper) presents and discusses the strengths and limitations of various concepts of "justice" and prepares the ground for the discussion of "Tax Justice".
  • Draft paper "Setting the Frame", explaining, why Catholic Social Teaching is an adequate and appropriate framework within which to reflect issues pertaining to "Tax Justice & Poverty".