Our Vision & Goal

Our Vision of a more fair and just world order is linked to our catholic faith and, accordingly, to the principles and values of Catholic Social Teaching. At the latest with the World Financial and Economical Crisis of 2008/2009, which also had an negative impact on Germany, Kenya and Zambia, we think that the neoliberal global world order revealed its fatal weaknesses. Catholic Social Teaching attempts to correct the wrongs which activities based on blind faith in neoliberal ideology afflicted on our countries and others by reforming and rebuilding society by applying the demands of justice and the common good.

Our research and advocacy project selects a tiny area which needs reform today nationally and globally: A more just taxation system, raising more revenue with which the opening wealth gap can be stopped from growing, public debt and dependency can be diminished and the poor can be more adequately supported in developing their own potentials.

How we want to pursue and implement our goal is spelled out in our Project Concept.

For an explanation of how we define and understand the terms "poverty", "inequality" "public debt" "dependency" and "Justice" please be referred to the paper "Concept and Context of our research, so far available as short version (6 pages, only text) or simplified version (25 pages, contains also graphics, tables and references).