Tax Justice & Poverty

This research and advocacy project, conducted in Germany, Kenya and Zambia, investigates the interrelationships between Tax Justice and Poverty. The basic assumption was that, if everybody pays taxes according to legal obligation and financial capability, African countries would no longer need financial development assistance, and countries like Germany could rid themselves of debt and invest more in urgent public tasks.

As it turned out, the assumption is justified and there are many parallel developments behind the tight situation of public finances in states as different as Germany/Bavaria, Kenya and Zambia: Competition for investment, residences and corporation headquarters, including tax measures, forced states to accommodate demands of private and corporate wealth-holder because of which the tax burden shifted towards low and middle income households, and a lot of revenue is lost because of aggressive tax avoidance and tax evasion in all segments of society. At the same time, restrictions on public households make governments keep tax administrations understaffed, even though it is them who earn far more in revenue than they cost in salaries and insurance.These and many other aspects are illustrated in publications, conferences and advocacy activities of this project. We are grateful for your interest and hope that you find our work interesting.

Advocacy on occasion of postponed COP-26 conference

From 9-19 November 2020 the 26th Conference of Parties to the Paris Climate Agreement was due to be held in Glasgow. Due to the Corona Pandemic, it was postponed for one year. Jesuits in Africa and working in member organizations of the Network for Mission and Development (Xavier Network) were concerned that this will lead to a slackening of efforts to combat climate change and continuing overstepping of already strained planetary boundaries (see picture to the right). For that reason, they wrote to the host of COP-26, Boris Johnson, as well as to leaders of the African and European Union, asking to step up their efforts against climate change. Many countries in Africa suffer greatly, even though they did not contribute to this problem. At the same time, Europe as one of the largest polluters past and present, is called upon to step up its efforts to assist African countries. In all this, taxation plays a role, both to fund measures, but also to push back damaging practices (e.g. the continued use of fossil fuels). More information here.

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Research findings are summarized in our Synthesis Report.

Information regarding our Brussels Workshop, 10 December 2019

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