Joint Activities

This websites will contain the overview about major cooperation projects of our partnership whose major goal is awareness raising. In the case of other major events, advocacy and policy promotion may be the primary objective.

Nairobi Conference on Domestic Resource Mobilization and Illicit Financial Flows

From 12-14 March 2019 the main events of of our conference project "Improving Domestic Resource Mobilization and Stemming Illicit Financial Flows – Tax Justice for Promoting Equality and Social Justice" took place at the Crowne Plaza Upper Hill in Nairobi.

Following our Conference Concept, we devised the following modules:

  1. Analysis: Kenyan Country Report of the Tax Justice & Poverty Project
  2. Ethical judgement: Norms and values underpinning the areas of concern
  3. Finding Solutions: Searching to improve cooperation in the areas of concern
  4. Mobilization of support within Kenya and the East African Community.

Biographical information and the text of presentations given in Module 1, 2 and 3 are published at the detailed conference website, once a report regarding Module 4 is being done, it will also be published here.

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